Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mix & Match

I had originally stopped to look at this photo because I loved the 
Menu Cards

then the burst of flowers just took my breath away!
I LOVE fresh flowers and exceed my flower budget every single month,
just must have them around me.
& I know they're good for me, sometimes I find myself totally absorbed by the flowers on my table,
instead of the doggie or the TV, because they are calming to me.

anyway, next were the blue napkins & the little runner down the table.
I almost always use placemats (& I must have DOZENS DOZENS DOZENS)
as I find that with my particular table the placemats just work better, 
I like showing the table's surface.

but, the really interesting thing is that the plates seem to be DIFFERENT
blue & white patterns.

very interesting and very pretty.

what do you think?